A bad review – nice

Well it was only a matter of time…

Ric Spencer of the West Australian wrote a review of ‘A Secret Life of Plants’ on the 19th of June, in which he said of my photos:

‘Rewi Lyall’s work is a quotidian look at ‘guerilla’ plants, but his work is overproduced and therefore overly theatrical.’

I confess I had to look up ‘quotidian’, which means, amongst other things, ‘everyday’ or ‘ordinary’. Ha! Thanks, Ric.

2 Responses to A bad review – nice

  1. jessika says:

    If u spoke frensh you would know that le pain quotidian means the daily bread. This is one of the advantages of being european…

    As we say in sweden, better a bad review in the hand than non at all.

  2. Rewi Lyall says:

    OK, well I’m still not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing, although I’m pretty sure it was intended to be derogatory.

    Personally, I like bread daily.

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