A good review, nice.

Well, it’s a good review for the exhibition generally rather than my photos exactly, but it’s still nice. In the latest edition of Australian Art Monthly reviewer Ashley Crawford compared the Melbourne and Perth hangs of A Secret Life of Plants, and in doing so focuses on Andrew Gaynor’s curation over the two sites.

Nonetheless, here are the exerpts wherein my photos are mentioned. Shameless self-promotion? Well, yes, it’s my blog.

‘Indeed that [juxtaposition between traditional figuration of botanicals and other styles] is precisely what Gaynor had done with Rewi Lyall’s works. His modestly sized digital prints cropped up in unexpected places throughout the show, both in Melbourne and Fremantle, strategically placed to create an intriguing narrative throughout. Depicting the return of nature – the tricky way a fern will spring from the mortar between bricks for instance – Lyall’s works were placed as though the greenery was emerging from the plaster walls of the gallery.’

‘[In Melbourne] [w]ith the exceptions of Rewi Lyall’s deliberately anarchic appearances and Simon Pericich’s theatrical presence, the works were hung stringently, with an overwrought formality. This was avoided at Fremantle, with the hang achieving a more graceful flow.’

So here’s cheers to Andrew for his excellent work, and cheers to Mr. Crawford for mentioning me and Simon Pericich in the same sentence.

(Edited to correct the gender of Mr. Crawford. Thanks, Simon.)

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  1. Andrew Gaynor says:

    So, this morning I’m wandering from Dickson Street to the Carriageworks along Wilson Street and lo! I spot the upper door and ferns from the Secret Life zone. Felt kinda warm ‘n’all. But it IS a fantastic site.

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