A Secret Life of Plants opens in Fremantle tonight

A couple of years ago I started taking photographs of street-art around Sydney. Walking through laneways and around abandoned buildings, I noticed various types of plants growing from unusual spots in walls, windowsills and so on, and started taking photos of these ‘Plants Defying Urbanity’.

Andrew Gaynor, friend and curator, contacted me about these images, as he was pulling together the concept for the exhibition that has since shown at the Linden gallery in Melbourne and now opens in Perth at the Fremantle Arts Centre tonight.

The photos that are exhibited were specifically taken for this exhibition. The original series was lost in a tragic hard-drive collapse, reminding me once again of the value of backing-up. The six that are part of this exhibition were taken approximately two months before I left Australia for my placement in Yogyakarta.

While the photos are my work, the form of their presentation is thanks to Andrew, whose idea to decompose the prints in a pile of compost led to their exhibited appearance. With the commitment of a dedicated friend and curator, he undertook the decomposition work himself – no one can say he’s afraid to get his hands dirty.

The exhibition is free, and is open until the 5th of June.

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