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Acknowledgements and presumption - Oqürum
Acknowledgements and presumption

Acknowledgements and presumption

It has taken a great deal of thoughtful time before I feel comfortable to write again, and it’s a necessary precursor to writing that I acknowledge a few preliminaries.

I have seen some commentary on the question of ‘vanity blogging’. The suggestion is that in order for writing to be valuable it must first pass some independent reviewer’s eyes. All else is vanity publishing, a self-declarative and egotistical exercise in gratification lacking in merit or rigour.

So be it: I presume for myself the vanity of choosing the terms on which I will supplicate myself to such socially ordained discipline and the freedom not to do so (including using flowery language and idiosyncratic grammar if I feel like it even if the SEO plugin tells me my ‘readability’ needs improvement). Here are my thoughts censored only by my anxieties and doubts, though these are possibly not as strong or controlling as they ought to be. Perhaps these thoughts may be reproduced elsewhere, edited, truncated or redacted, but for now they will be as you find them, should you care to look.

I acknowledge the privileges I enjoy living in a not-yet post-colonial society that permit me the opportunity to vainly – perhaps in every sense – scratch away. I am not wealthy by the standards of early 21st century Australian capitalism, but nor am I poor. I am lacking the expertise of specialization as well as the drive to attain the title of ‘expert’. I am, perhaps, too much of a dilettante to ever sustain a serious or deep contribution to any particular field of endeavour.

Nonetheless I have had one person suggest that my white, male, heteronormative views on one thing or another might be worth conveying and so (to borrow from that ‘jingo imperialist’ Kipling), Best Beloved, here are some thoughts for you.

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