Back2Back: Love Hate Love vs Rewi

By Rewi Lyall

I was pretty pleased with the turnout to this new exhibition last night, at Survive Garage in Yogyakarta. I’d guess that over the night about 100 people passed through, at it’s peak there was probably about 60, spilling out into the streets. I do have some photos from the night, but for some reason I’m having trouble saving them to the blog, so if I get that fixed later I’ll add them.

I contributed a few photographs to this collaboration, which featured street artists from the Yogyakarta Art Crime (YORC) crew. Love Hate Love has been painting the streets since 2000, and he’s got a great crew, including Here and OYS. Their work for the exhibition included customizing a bunch of found objects as well as a few more formal pieces. The photos I contributed are from around Jogja, concentrating on Love Hate Love, and show the change in his style over that period.

Love Hate Love’s hiphop outfit Tawazun also played, along with a bunch of other collectives such as Noise of Terror. It turned out that I was their DJ for the set, which was… chaotic. One of the standout performances for mine was a MC who can’t have been more than about 10 years old. He only jumped up for one track, but he was right into it.

The cops were called in at about 9.30, and we were told to shut it down at 10.

Thanks heaps to Love Hate Love for suggesting we do this exhibition, to all the guys from the Yogyakarta Art Crime crew and to Bayu and all my friends from Survive Garage for hosting the event and helping out with all sorts of logistical things. Thanks also to Reza and Principle of South for the sound gear, and to all my friends who came down.

Those of you in Jogja can visit the exhibition until the 14th, at Survive Garage, Jalan Bugisan 11.

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