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A small victory for ugliness

There is a great deal about illegal street art that I like. Some of the more complex works that are sometimes undertaken can be stunning and inspiring. They can transform otherwise tediously sterile public spaces. Graffiti can be intelligent and thought provoking. Some of the best work in this vein is provided by stencil artists. […]

Back2Back: Love Hate Love vs Rewi

By Rewi Lyall I was pretty pleased with the turnout to this new exhibition last night, at Survive Garage in Yogyakarta. I’d guess that over the night about 100 people passed through, at it’s peak there was probably about 60, spilling out into the streets. I do have some photos from the night, but for […]

Manuva #4 presented by Principle of South

By Rewi Lyall I think I neglected to mention that one of the great outcomes of performing at Festival Mata Air a month ago (really? already?) was meeting the organizers and some of the talent from the Yogyakarta based organization ‘Principle of South’. My friend Tim, who plays by the name DJ Deathbeetle, introduced me […]

What a fantastic weekend
What a fantastic weekend

By Rewi Lyall Festival Mata Air was, as far as I can see, a resounding success. The organizing committee and friends of TUK – all of who gave their time and effort on a voluntary basis – deserve congratulations galore. All of the usual, and some unusual, hitches aside there were no major disasters. Even […]

Festival Mata Air takes shape
Festival Mata Air takes shape

Only two days until the street parade through Salatiga that marks the start of the Festival Mata Air, and I’m getting a bit excited. Last Friday I rode up again for the second of three weekends. The conditions were pretty challenging, with the mountain pass enveloped in cloud and visibility very poor. Cresting hills without […]

This obscenity must be stopped
This obscenity must be stopped

Anti-obscenity campaigners have had another tremendous victory, forcing the Tate Modern Gallery to remove from display a nude photo of Brooke Shields taken when she was 10 years old. Moral crusaders from around the world deserve to be rightfully, and self-righteously, proud of this excellent result for Decency. Yet there remains much work to be […]

Dirty hands, cleaner water

Part of the process of holding Festival Mata Air included a ‘Clean-up the World’ event last Saturday, which I traveled up to Salatiga to participate in. The photo to the right shows a particularly bad patch just centimetres from a major pool of a natural spring system providing drinking water to Salatiga. I’m in between […]

Festival Mata Air – 9-11 October, Salatiga

Those of you coming to the fine Javanese city of Salatiga in early October should check out the Festival Mata Air.  A couple of Australian volunteers work for the organization which runs the festival, TUK, and the site for the event is quite lovely. Apart from anything else, I’ll be DJing there, potentially a couple […]

A good review, nice.

Well, it’s a good review for the exhibition generally rather than my photos exactly, but it’s still nice. In the latest edition of Australian Art Monthly reviewer Ashley Crawford compared the Melbourne and Perth hangs of A Secret Life of Plants, and in doing so focuses on Andrew Gaynor’s curation over the two sites. Nonetheless, […]

A bad review – nice

Well it was only a matter of time… Ric Spencer of the West Australian wrote a review of ‘A Secret Life of Plants’ on the 19th of June, in which he said of my photos: ‘Rewi Lyall’s work is a quotidian look at ‘guerilla’ plants, but his work is overproduced and therefore overly theatrical.’ I […]

A Secret Life of Plants opens in Fremantle tonight

A couple of years ago I started taking photographs of street-art around Sydney. Walking through laneways and around abandoned buildings, I noticed various types of plants growing from unusual spots in walls, windowsills and so on, and started taking photos of these ‘Plants Defying Urbanity’. Andrew Gaynor, friend and curator, contacted me about these images, […]


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