‘…but who to?’ two

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about reports that a Labor strategist had suggested a high profile candidate for the Federal seat of Wentworth might have a decent chance at knocking off interim Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull. In that post, I pointed out that Mr. Turnbull probably wasn’t the only one getting a shot […]

Disingenuous Minister betrays WA’s Stolen Generations

News has emerged that the Western Australian government will almost halve the maximum amount of compensation which can be awarded to Aboriginal Western Australians who are recognized as having suffered during their time as wards of the State. I won’t reiterate the story here, but merely comment that applications for the compensation closed on 30 […]

The (Blue)Cheese Burgler – a slightly long true story.

Anyone wondering about the utility of ‘social networking’ (as opposed to anti-social networking, I suppose) websites may be bemused that I learned of a break-in at my partner’s house (my Sydney Residence) overnight not from her but from her mother via a status update. I’ve since learned that it wasn’t particularly serious (no more than […]

Labor issues a Wentworth warning, but who to?

Thanks to Oz over at Macquarie Street I’ve seen an article in last weekend’s Daily Telegraph about Labor’s hopes to preselect a high profile candidate to take on Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth at the next election. As a statement of intent there’s nothing unusual about this: I think it’s pretty clear that it’s going to […]

In Australia, they came first for the terrorists… or, why don’t Australians care about rights?

Somehow it doesn’t quite have the same ring, but the sentiment behind the famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller (with apologies go to the deceased Pastor) about effects of the rise of Nazism in Germany on their political opponents and societal enemies appears to be driving criticism of enhanced police powers in parts of Australia. […]

New variety of rattus Australis Labor discovered?

Apparently scientists are trying to discern if Vince Catania constitutes a new breed of Labor rat or an altogether different strain of political animal, less concerned with self-interest than the interest of his constituents… Thinking about it over the past couple of days, I’m finding it hard to muster any particularly strong emotional response to […]

Outrage must follow Coroner’s report into another death in custody

The Western Australian Coroner, Alistair Hope, has handed down his findings into the death of an Aboriginal elder in January 2008. The man was being transported from Laverton to Kalgoorlie. As the ABC has reported, the man ‘was effectively cooked to death‘. The Coroner has been damning, and the focus should now turn to the […]

Labor activists can’t plead short notice for early Federal election

Recent early elections at the State or Territory level in Australia, notably the Northern Territory and Western Australia, have resulted in poor outcomes for Labor. The Northern Territory government scraped back in, while in Western Australia Labor received what can only be considered a drubbing at the hands of the electorate. In the wash-up in […]

The spectre of Fremantle shouldn’t haunt Armadale

Recent unconfirmed reports about the prospect of criminal charges against the State member for Kalgoorlie, John Bowler, have led the Western Patriot to suggest that a by-election in Armadale is looking ‘all the more fanciful’. Being away from the State for a while I couldn’t say if they were fanciful to start with, but the […]

MacTiernan Labor’s best bet in Canning

While it is true that Alannah MacTiernan has detractors both in the Western Australian Labor Party and the community at large, there can be little doubt that she offers the best opportunity for Labor to wrest the Federal seat of Canning from Liberal incumbent Don Randall. While it is difficult to analyze all of the […]

Diminishing participative democracy in WA

WA Today reports that Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett, in his search for savings measures, has consultative boards and committees in his sights. Reportedly he wants to cut around 600 of the 1276 boards and committees which currently exist. While it may be the case that some of these boards have outlived their usefulness, a […]


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