New look, new approach
New look, new approach

Today’s picture is from a series I took while in Yogyakarta, of Vespas. I met this fellow near Prambanan. Those of you who have been to Oqurum before will notice that I’ve changed the appearance again. I’m also taking a bit of a different tack to the presentation of my photos. From now on I […]

A little strange to say… you may now follow me
A little strange to say... you may now follow me

I added a plugin to the blog allowing you to receive email updates when I post something new. So, if that’s something you’d like to do, there’s a little asterisk with the word ‘Follow’ next to it which, if you click on it, will allow you to do what needs to be done. As you […]

Four scars

The four scars in this story are the ones that resulted from having stitches, but they’re not the only scars I have. The one I least remember was the first, naturally. It happened in the bath when I was I guess four or five. My sister and I were still having baths together at that […]

Back to work

You may have noticed I took a break from writing here. To those visiting for the first time, hello. I won’t write much here, but, because it’s probably normal to acknowledge slackness and the end of slackness, I thought I’d get that out of the way quickly before doing something more substantial.


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