Latest victory in campaign for Safety First

By Rewi Lyall

The True and Just of Western Australia have scored another victory for the forces of Safety over the perils of freedom, and in this have no greater Crusader than Western Australian Liberal Peter Abetz.

Western Australians have long ago denounced the maxim that ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’, preferring to substitute it with the far more appropriate ‘decent families need protection from thugs’.

Truer words have been spoken.

Peter Abetz has quite rightly pointed out that Western Australia is in a state of near anarchy. An economy that is merely growing rather than booming, rocketing wages and higher than median growth in house and grocery prices are all signs of a society in turmoil. A queue of resource projects scheduled to tip more revenue into the economy can only signal one thing: a lack of confidence in a society that more and more resembles a failed state.

How long would it be, without firm measures, before mindless acts of thuggery practiced by a few drunken louts could turn into open pitched street battles between armed revolutionaries and the Forces of Safety? We at don’t care to find out.

That’s why it is so refreshing to point out, as Mr Abetz has so ably done, that what Western Australians need and want is the kind of approach taken by the National Socialist regime.

‘When it comes to the crunch, people prefer to be safe than to have freedom,’ Mr Abetz said in Parliament.

How right he is!

There is nothing like the Iron Fist of the State hammering down on its citizens to ensure meek compliance. Western Australians have given up on the notion of personal responsibility, have resigned themselves to the utter failure of a sense of community instilling peaceful social relationships. What they want is for the state to tell them how to relate to one another, and to do so through inculcating Fear of Reprisals.

Mr Abetz points out that it was a state of anarchy, surely comparable to that extant in Western Australia, that led to the rise of National Socialism.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait for fascism to save us.

We have the majority of our Members of the Western Australian Parliament.

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