Liberal National redistribution of wealth

The Liberal-National government have taken the revenue they obtained from taxation and redistributed it through measures to assist some of the most disadvantaged Western Australians, wards and former wards of the State.

Earlier this week, Ministers McSweeney and Collier announced that young people in care and those previously in care up to the age of 25 may have the fees for any training courses provided by a State Training Provider waived. The measure includes those already enrolled in courses.

The way it was reported in the media neglected to think critically about who pays for such fees for wards of the State. It would be all too easy to dismiss this as simply a measure which sees the end of one part of the State paying another part of the State for a service. I wonder if there’s something in this for Larvatus Prodeo’s regular ‘‘Spotlight the Spin’ thread?

Indeed, from recollection there’s a reason, probably an accounting reason, why State agencies do pay one another for services. I think it has something to do with treating each transaction on its merits. Or maybe it’s something to do with the reason that government departments talk about their ‘business’ and their ‘clients’ or ‘customers’ rather than their services and citizens. Maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

If so, does that mean that not only is the Liberal-National government redistributing wealth, they’d be doing it by abandoning neo-liberal principles as applied to government administration? Maybe I’ve misapplied the term neo-liberal there.

Unquestioningly, though, this is great news for any former wards of the State who are up to the age of 25. The media release tells us that at 31 January 2012 there were 3,696 children in care, but it doesn’t tell us how many people fit into this second category of former wards under 25. There’s got to be a few.

So good on the State government for using the money they gained from royalties from mining to help out those Western Australians, I say.

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