Manuva #4 presented by Principle of South


By Rewi Lyall

I think I neglected to mention that one of the great outcomes of performing at Festival Mata Air a month ago (really? already?) was meeting the organizers and some of the talent from the Yogyakarta based organization ‘Principle of South’. My friend Tim, who plays by the name DJ Deathbeetle, introduced me to the crew, including producer Gato and now Manager Rie Ri.

We got to chatting about performing and after what seemed like a very short period of time Gato informed me that I was now a part of Principle of South. It turns out that this means they’re my agent for gigs around town, and have already secured me two slots in the intervening time. One was at a party a couple of weeks ago, and the latest is tonight. In fact, I’ve had to turn back an offer or two due to other commitments.

All very pleasing indeed. Thanks should especially go to Jude, who brought over my iDJ desk in April without which it’s pretty unlikely things would have gone quite so well. Principle of South have an iDJ of their own, but there’s nothing quite like the familiarity of your own equipment.

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