New look, new approach

Today’s picture is from a series I took while in Yogyakarta, of Vespas. I met this fellow near Prambanan.

Those of you who have been to Oqurum before will notice that I’ve changed the appearance again. I’m also taking a bit of a different tack to the presentation of my photos.

From now on I plan to add a photo to every post, regardless of whether it matches the subject matter in any respect. It’ll just be the photo that’s next in a series, or of something interesting I’ve seen. If the photo and the writing match up, I’ll consider that a bonus.

To get the slideshow in the header working I added a bunch of photos I took around the old Everleigh rail yards in Sydney featuring the words confined space. If I see more, I’ll probably add them in due course.

Oh, and there’s a couple of ways to subscribe now, so add me to your list.

As you were!

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