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Questions for Rewi

Go on, don’t be shy.


Heath Adams says:

Any chance you could set up an RSS feed for your blog?

I’d love to have it arrive with all my other readings in my mailbox.



JJ Fiasson says:

Hi Rewi,

I run the Daily Wire (an Australian political discussion forum & blog site –, and have recently put together a site to help fight against the tide of misinformation and obfuscation in our nation’s media surrounding climate change and the government’s plans to put a price on carbon. The site supports the government’s plans, and can be found here –

I’m wondering if you’d be willing to link to this site in your blogroll and perhaps refer to it in your latest post? I’m, of course, happy to post a reciprocal link in the site’s blogroll.

I plan to contact as many blog owners as I can and ask them to do the same. With what I know about search engine optimisation, there isn’t much competition out there on carbon tax related keywords. If enough blogs link to the site, I’m certain it can climb very high in the Google rankings. The internet presents one major way we can bypass our short-sighted media.

If you do feel like linking, the best anchor text to use in the link is “Carbon Tax”, although you may find that not descriptive enough, in which case “Carbon Tax Facts” or “Carbon Tax Australia” would be good too. By anchor text, I mean the text that the html link tags are wrapped around, or the “name” of the site in your blogroll if you’re using wordpress.

I realise that the phrase “carbon tax” is contentious, and actually clarify the difference between a carbon tax and the government’s plans on the site. However, as most people refer to it as the carbon tax, it’s useful from a search engine perspective to target those keywords.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the site, I’m all ears.

JJ Fiasson

Daniel Sansoni says:

Rewi – hi it’s Daniel. I’m enjoying your story “The Clan Fraser Commission” but I’m getting the feeling that I’m missing some important background information. Is the story finished or is there more to come? I hope so.

Rewi says:

Hi Heath,

Slacker that I am, it’s taken me nearly 18 months to get around to installing a ‘follow’ plugin.

Thanks for the prompt to do so.


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