This obscenity must be stopped

Mannekin Pis-filth

Anti-obscenity campaigners have had another tremendous victory, forcing the Tate Modern Gallery to remove from display a nude photo of Brooke Shields taken when she was 10 years old.

Moral crusaders from around the world deserve to be rightfully, and self-righteously, proud of this excellent result for Decency.

Yet there remains much work to be done.

Visitors to Belgium, including children (whom someone, somewhere, must surely start thinking about) can still, without any form of Moral Guidance, view the sheer filth of the Mannekin Pis.

Action must be taken.

This example, kindly provided by Ms Jude Leon, is just one of many. However, just the thought of some depraved lunatic using the search terms ‘nude’, ‘child’ and ‘art history’ sends me into apoplexies, let alone actually seeking out such abominations myself.

Crusaders, the balls are now in your courts. That’s a tennis metaphor, you lascivious psychopath.

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